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Birgit Jones


These three badass power women from Birgit Jones were our very first Ambasadors and have secured their place in our hearts not only because of that. Not to mention the fact that they not only created an art figure bursting with equality empowerment, but also created their own genre of music with Post Glam Doom. 

Photo: Birgit Jones


Berlin-based band Birgit Jones serves unfiltered female badassery through tongue-in-cheek lyricism, heavy basslines, and an alternative rock sound that marks the birth of the post-glam doom genre.

As opposed to the similarly named Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding's clumsy character, Birgit Jones prefers a heavy whiskey sour over sugar and spice and everything nice.


The band was conceived in 2018, when musicians Kristin (bass), Rike (vocals), and Nathalie (drums) gave a name to the unapologetic feminist persona inside of them: Birgit Jones, a woman not afraid to speak her mind, throwing punches at whoever gets in her way.

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