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You can find Repair Toolbox for Word v. here. Save your time and download now.Q: Designing Linked List Class in Java I am creating a Linked List in Java where each Node has two variables to store the linked Node, and a variable to store the data. The Linked List is created and saved in an object of its own, called "Chimpy". Each Node has it's own constructor that takes in Node, data and the previous Node. My question is regarding the definition of the constructor for the Node class. I would like each Node class to create a Node with the same data and the same Linked Node, but I don't know how to do it. Any ideas? public class LinkedList { //Global Node Array Node first; Node current; int numberOfElements; //Constructor public LinkedList(int size) { this.numberOfElements = size; } //Method to return the first Node public Node first() { if(first == null) { first = new Node(current); current = first; } return first; //Method to create a new Node public Node newNode(int data) { return new Node(data, this.first); //Method to save a Node into an array public void addElement(int data) { Node newNode = newNode(data); = current; current = newNode; //Method to retrieve the first Node public Node getFirst() { //Method to retrieve the current Node



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Recovery Toolbox For Word Keygenl [Updated] 2022

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