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A native of Hamburg, Germany, Emilie has been making music since she was a teenager, and she does it wholeheartedly. She creates her own very personal idea of what becoming a woman means and realizes: I’m so much more than "Just A Woman“ 

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Emilie Azaaria is tired of being labelled "the female artist". She is musician, composer, songwriter, producer, storyteller, performer; and more than her gender. She ably displayed all of this on her debut funk-pop EP "Become a Woman", released in autumn 2022. Four thoughtful and groovy tracks paint a sensitive coming-of-age story in which Emilie frees herself from the social pressure of misogynistic, Western standards of femininity. Her music remains complex yet catchy, intimate yet dance-like. Funky guitars meet a pulsating bass melancholic lyrics meet a soulful voice and carefully crafted melodies.

By connecting with other Flinta* individuals and building a sense of sisterly Emilie Azaaria creates her own personal vision of what it means to be a Flinta* person. of what it means to be a Flinta* person, realising, "I am so much more than Just A Woman" (debut single, released summer 2022). 

Only shortly after the release of her debut ep, Emilie became a mother for the first time. But that didn't stop her from planning her next release. "Become A Woman" was supposed to be just the first part of a concept ep consisting of two parts. With "Arrival" she now wants to release the second part of her so-called "self-discovery series" packed in music. "Become A Woman" and "Arrival" were once planned as an album, but could not be released as intended due to various private strokes of fate and challenges, such as falling ill with a brain tumour and the unplanned, but by no means unwanted "becoming a mum".

Emilie Azaaria has been writing, producing, composing and arranging her own songs since her youth. She worked on both EP' for several years and recorded them with her band Mrs. Mary Jane (bass), Boythelen (drums) and guest musician Burkhard Lipps-Thelen, who plays the electric guitar and co-produced the EP. Lipps-Thelen was instrumental in shaping the sound of Become a Woman. He was a successful studio musician in the 80s and played some of the most famous guitar solos of the Neue Deutsche Welle, so it's no surprise that tricky electric guitar solos and the 80s influence made its way into Emilie Azaaria's songs. Now she is finally able to share the next five powerful tracks with her audience. "Arrival", the second part of a double EP to be released in early summer 2023.



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