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Diana Goldberg


This Munich native took our hearts by storm in 2022 with her first headline tour and as a support act for Alice Merton. Her lyrics deal with women empowerment, mental health and she also designs her own sustainable merch. 

Photo: Hien Vo


Diana Goldberg is a German-Latvian singer-songwriter, artist and producer based in Munich, Germany. Although both of her parents were engineers, from a young age, Goldberg lived a musical upbringing, beginning classical piano at age 5, going on to compete in her first competition just two years later. She played classical piano until the age of 18, however, to balance the pressure of these competitions, and of her parents' high expectations of her, she ventured toward singing on stage. 


A few competitions and open mics later, Goldberg began to develop skills in freestyling, noticing how quickly she was able to come up with song ideas and hooks. During this time, she also met friend, long-time collaborator, and now ongoing producer, Joseph Feinstein. Currently, what remains of her experiences in classical music is the fact that she composes all of her songs on the piano first, fleshing these ideas further to life with Feinstein during the production and recording process.


Amidst the 2020 pandemic, Goldberg released her debut single, 'Occupy Your Mind,' written from the point of view of a well-known societal outcast: the ill-fated narcissist. Since this track, she has gone to release numerous singles, including 'WHITE LIES,' 'FYI' and 'BLACKBLUEYELLOW' and her debut EP „BLOSSOM IN THE DARK“ all of which have garnered her various radio support in Germany, tons of editorial placements at Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and Apple Music, a nomination as "Band of the year" by Süddeutsche Zeitung and live performances at Reeperbahn-Festival, Superbloom Festival, Dubai Expo 2020 and support band of Alice Merton and JC Stewart among other major feats.


Through her lyrical and sonic DIY-storytelling, Goldberg dares listeners to be as bold and unapologetic as she is, urging them to let go of any expectations others might have of them, citing her own upbringing and inner desire to shy away from societal and cultural norms, choosing instead to listen to her inner voice, as motivation. The result is one that exudes an alt-pop, neo-soul sound with experimentation and unpredictability at the forefront. Rebellious, empowering and vulnerable, she hopes that in being reflective of her own life and its difficult, tormenting situations, that her music will challenge her own creativity while breaking structural rules and deliver musical social critique of the world through catchy melodies and trap beats. The end goal? Forging a coherent, albeit dark, creative cosmos for anyone feeling misunderstood, judged, hurt, lonely or all of the above.

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