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Alles Solar is a great artist from Berlin, who is able to bring socially critical lyrics to the point and create a very magical musical atmosphere. Victor speaks to us with his lyrics completely from the soul and we are very grateful to have him and his Babsi, who runs the joint label "Stille Wasser Records" with us on board. 


Under the name ALL SOLAR, the Berlin newcomer has started his first solo project. Two years ago, the multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker began to write for this and developed in the smallest circle both sonically and visually, a world in which he now lives and has arrived. 
 It is pop music, but free from shackles of complaisance. A force, fragile and intimate. A gloomy world - which at the same time gives courage for hope - in which the artist deals with current moods and not least questions his own actions and doings.


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