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Jarita's wonderful music immediately hit right in the middle of our hearts and immediately enchanted and captivated us. Her skills behind the drums are at least as admirable as her voice. Besides being an artist, she passes on her musical knowledge to the next generations of young talents, empowering them in regards to movement, voice and rhythm. 

Photo: Idris Kabotwa


Even as a child she loved to dance, sing and drum on things. At 13, she took classical guitar lessons and then piano lessons for a year but it wasn't right! In her nursery, she practised singing like Alicia Keys and warbling Phil Collins songs. Her friend Mairy was her duet partner and they performed their little shows at school!


Together with her younger sister Jadula Freydank (guitar) she founded her first rock band and played with her at the only session in Osnabrück, in the Erdbeerblau.


In 2004 she saw Ralf Gustke at the music fair in Ibbenbüren and was so flashed that she decided to invest the money she had saved on her driving licence in a drum kit.

She took drum lessons with Joachim Dölker, who had a great influence on her and still inspires her today. Her love for percussion was sparked by his percussion group GrooveMonsters :-)

In 2007, she began her studies in Popular Music at the IFM Osnabrück. Main subjects: drums and singing! Here she participated in various projects as a singer and/or drummer.

She works for various artists in the studio and live and produces her own music. Besides her artistic activities, she teaches drums and singing and gives workshops (movement, voice, rhythm/drum meditation).

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