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Amadeus Austrian Music Awards

The Berlin music delegation represented by Maria Miedler, Siggi Renner and Mia Heresch from music is her passion society e.V.. and Evil Jared Hasselhoff from the Bloodhound Gang were invited to the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Here you can read a reflection on Austria's most important music award from a gender equality perspective.

from left to the right: Maria Miedler, Siggi Renner, Evil Jared Hasselhoff & Mia Heresch

The Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, a beacon of excellence in the Austrian music industry, once again took centre stage, showcasing the immense talent and innovation that defines the Austrian music scene at the end of April. This year's event stood out not only for its celebration of musical prowess but also for its spotlight on the remarkable contributions of women, who continue to push boundaries and challenge norms in an industry historically dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, white men.

Siggi Renner and Maria Miedler

As the most significant event in the Austrian music calendar, the Amadeus Awards brought together artists from all genres and regions of Austria, highlighting the rich tapestry of musical diversity that defines the country's cultural landscape. With awards spanning 14 categories, including both genre-specific and genre-crossing distinctions, the ceremony recognized excellence across the board, from pop to rock, hip-hop to electronic. At this point it is important to note that since the end of the Echo Awards, the Amadeus has been the biggest music award show in the German-speaking world alongside the Swiss Music Awards and has more than lived up to this role.

Despite the structural challenges within the music industry, where male artists often dominate nominations and awards, this year's Amadeus Awards witnessed a refreshing shift in representation. The stage was graced by an unprecedented number of female acts, providing a much-needed balance to the traditionally male-dominated lineup. Acts like Bipolar Feminin, Cari Cari, AVEC, DONNA SAVAGE, and Spilif electrified the audience with their powerful performances, showcasing the depth and breadth of female talent in Austria.

Notably, the world premiere of AVEC's song "It's a Problem" captivated the audience, setting the stage for an evening of groundbreaking performances. Cari Cari's poignant rendition of "My grandmother says we have no future" added a unique dimension to the event, bringing grandmothers onto the stage for a captivating dance performance that left the audience spellbound.

Mia Heresch and Maria Miedler

However, amidst celebrating female talent, there were moments of contention. The double win for Austrian rapper RAF Camora raised eyebrows from a feminist perspective, highlighting the ongoing challenges of gender inequality within the industry. Despite this, the triumph of female trio My Ugly Clementine, taking home the coveted trophy for the third time in their career, underscored the resilience and talent of women in music.

Beyond the awards, the evening was also a celebration of female empowerment, with Bipolar Feminin clinching the FM4 Award, further solidifying their status as trailblazers in the Austrian music scene. The event was expertly hosted by Nina Hochrainer and Philipp Hansa, guiding the audience through a night of electrifying performances and mostly well-deserved accolades.

It's thanks to Siggi Renner, a founding member of the music is her passion society e.V., that the presence of Evil Jared Hasselhoff graced the award ceremony. This collaboration serves as a shining example of Siggi's extensive network within the music industry and her unwavering commitment to empowering others. Her ability to bring together diverse voices and create opportunities for collaboration underscores her invaluable contribution to fostering a more inclusive and supportive music community.

In conclusion, the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2024 showcased the vibrancy and excellence of Austrian music and served as a platform to amplify the voices of women in an industry that continues to evolve and diversify. As we reflect on the evening's festivities, one thing is clear: the future of Austrian music is undoubtedly female.



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