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Happy Halloween! To meet your most macabre musical needs for the spooky season, we have put together a diverse selection of the freshest bloody bops from all corners of the world - without the obligatory appearance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

On October 31st, witches, wizards, and non-binary sorcerers of the world celebrate Halloween. A day originally intended to remember the dead has over time turned into one of the most celebrated non-religious holidays in the world, influencing pop culture beyond national borders. In honor of the spookiest time of the year, we put together a selection of the sweetest sonic treats of today and musical ghosts of Halloween's past. Get ready for goosebumps with these bloody bops from fierce womxn artists!


Turn Off The Light by Kim Petras

In honor of Halloween, Cologne-born singer-songwriter and LGBTQ+ icon Kim Petras shook fans to the core by releasing a full album of eighteen (!) terrifyingly good tracks. On "Turn Off The Light“, which was released in full in October 2019, Kim takes her bloodthirsty listeners on a journey into the darkest depths of human desire.

Between creepy English and German lyrics, she serves heavy dancefloor-filling beats and samples that resemble a horror film soundtrack. Be it by joining dark forces with the iconic Elvira, Empress Of The Dark, or through instrumental knife-sharpening instalments - this one is a gift to the spooky gays.

Fever Ray by Fever Ray


Fever Ray, the solo project of The Knife's Karin Elisabeth Dreijer is known for pushing the boundaries of atmospherically dark electro-pop. The queer Swedish artist's 2009 release "Keep The Streets Empty For Me" might be over a decade old, but it meets today's standards of top-shelve creepy pop effortlessly nevertheless. The song's poetic lyrics capture the intoxicating blend of fear, thrill, peaceful solitude and loneliness felt while walking the streets on a cold Halloween night, and its cold atmospheric soundscapes match the thrill of silence after a night of partying. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the song remains a favorite among film and series producers: for instance, it was only recently featured on the dramatic soundtrack of Netflix Germany's blockbusting series Dark. And dark it is.

Uckers by Shygirl


London-based DJ and artist Blane Muise, better known by her stage name Shygirl, began her creative partnership with electronic beatmaker Sega Bodega in 2019 with the release of her dance hymn "Uckers". Despite her name, Shygirl is one of the most outspoken lyricists in the London indie game: on the pop-infused electronic track, Shygirl becomes an instinct-driven predator, on the hunt for new males to devour. Complete with a sample of a blood-curdling scream from an old-school horror film, this tune is for the man-eating party-goers among us. Think Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body - this tune is deadly hot.


Here's one for the cottage-core Halloween fans: straight from the soundtrack of horror film master Guillermo Del Toro's 'Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark', Lana Del Rey's cover version of "Season Of The Witch" is for those who prefer carving pumpkins over creepy costumes. With a tone ranging between melancholy and sinisterness, the New York City-born singer breathes new life into this 1966 song by Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan.


American-born and London-based singer-songwriter Ashnikko was cute but psycho before it was cool. For three consecutive years, she has been releasing Halloween-themed singles in her signature rap-singing electro-pop fashion.

Photo via Instagram @ashnikko

This year, her 2018 release "Halloweenie" and 2019's "Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice were followed by her most polished work of the series yet. "Halloweenie III: Seven Days" explores themes between serial killer-esque madness and radical feminism. Ashnikko, formally known as Ashton Nicole Casey, frequently addresses breaking female stereotypes and expectations in her songs. She openly talks about sex, female desire, and the not-so-glamourous sides of being a woman (or a human, really). Ashnikko's persona is bratty, moody, clinically crazy, and bloodthirsty all year round - her viral music video to "STUPID" featuring Yung Baby Tate proves that without a doubt. In a way, she embodies the eccentric best friend who is equal parts supportive and insane.

From "Halloweenie" to its successors, Ashnikko provides the full Halloween soundtrack to those who want glitter and gore, blood, and champagne. Her songs are fun, creepy, lyrically clever, and catchy - with more than a hint of female empowerment.

Whether you are planning for a virtual Halloween dance-off with your friends, a cosy-creepy movie night alone, or are big into dressing up like Ashnikko, we are confident you were able to meet your match among this selection of the finest bloody bops. Check out our exclusive music is her passion spooky Spotify playlist for your perfect soundtrack to the witching hour.



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