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equality factor: It's the creative mind of Nasty Cherry

feature parts: Christine and the Queens, Sky Ferreira, Kim Petras and Tommy Cash, Troye Sivan, HAIM, Lizzo, Pabllo Vitta, a.o

producer: Charli XCX, A.G. Cook, Lotus IV, Oscar Holter, a.o

label: Asylum - Atlantic Records UK

origin: Cambridge, England

"Charli" álbum cover

Cambridge-born pop innovator Charli XCX released her long-awaited “Charli” on September 13th of 2019. Six years after her debut album “True Romance” saw the light of day, Charlotte Emma Aitchison celebrated the release of a self-produced, star-studded and futuristic third album. Following an LP and two extended mixtapes (Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel and Pop 2), the record captures what Charli XCX is today: an empowered, innovative and self-celebrating artist that breathes life into a genre that is often not taken seriously by the music industry.

On this album, the 27- year-old uniquely combines electronic chords and beats reminiscing of 90s club kid enthusiasm with vulnerable touches. It is her most personal album to date, both in regards to lyrical expression and musical execution, since Charli XCX is not only the star but also the executive producer behind the record.

The record captures what Charli XCX is today: an empowered, innovative and self-celebrating artist.

Charli and Troye Sivan/ ph vía Instagram @charli_xcx

Throughout 15 tracks that make up a total of eleven featured artists of diverse backgrounds (superstar lady Lizzo, Australian pop singer Troye Sivan, indie sisters Haim, Korean electronic artist Yeaji, drag performer Big Freedia and many more), “Charli” captures the sparkling facets that do not only make up the colorful personality of its namesake; it feels more representative for a contemporary movement of young people of all identities and backgrounds united by a lust for life, self-empowerment and the celebration of individualism.

On this album, Charli XCX brings us “the motherfucking future" of pop.

Musically, “Charli” is still a very poppy album with danceable beats and enthusiastic choruses of modulations and multiplied vocals - a collection of bops. However, as opposed to only serving catchy tunes as she did on “Sucker” and “True Romance”, on this album, Charli XCX brings us “the motherfucking future” of pop. Next to eclectic dancefloor fillers like “1999”, the album also features tracks with experimental avant-garde sounds that take us on a musical journey to a futuristic rave setting of the year “2099”. These eccentric songs are the direct opposite of low-key, vulnerable ballads such as “White Mercedes” and “Official”, but each individually perfectly translates a very specific emotion through beat and sung word.

Whether it be light-hearted nostalgia for simpler days on “1999”, the struggles of defining a relationship in modern ages on “Official” or the need to detach from toxic environments on “Gone” - the record captures both lyrically and sonically the zeitgeist of a young generation in the digital age, complete with a hint of self-sarcasm and experimentalism.



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