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equality factor: Courage and empowerment in her lyrics

last album: Encanto (2019)

our favorite song: Nada mas que hablar

based in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

picture: Instagram @therealchita

Francisca Gil, better known as "CHITA", is a 23- year-old Argentinian singer and composer. Her fiery love for music was first ignited when she was very young: her father, a professional saxophonist introduced her early to the jazz records he played all day at the family home, and Ella Fitzgerald soon became her singing idol.

She was inspired by her travels and studies in Europe.

Chita began studying piano during high school, and after graduation, she continued following her musical passion at the School of Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires. Although she enjoyed her education, she felt out of place at the school and, like many young people, decided to travel abroad to find a purpose and determine the direction of her career. She arrived in Barcelona, where she lived for a while, roamed the busy streets of Berlin, but still could not find her place. Restlessly, she researched where she could continue and grow the musical career she had started in Buenos Aires - and so she finally arrived in London, auditioned, and was accepted at the university of her choice. She ended up living and studying there for two years.

Her lyrics oscillate between love and dislike stories.

picture: Instagram @therealchita

Today, Chita's music is a subtle swirl of the places she called her home, a sensual blend that encompasses the old and the new R&B. It is rich of soul, at times reggae. Overall her sound reflects her sensuality and softness, showcases her undeniable talent. Chita composes in English and Spanish, her lyrics oscillate between love and dislike stories, they are melancholic, infatuated, and at the same time nostalgic.

Her first EP, the self-titled "Chita", was released in 2018. Subsequent releases came in the single format, and some of them were released with the collaboration of Argentine artists such as rapper Ca7riel in the song "No fue", and Neo Pistea, a trap singer and composer in "Nada más que hablar".

Her most recent album "ENCANTO" shows more urban sounds, something like a subgenre of hip hop, but always maintains the essence of soul and modern r&b at its core. Next Wednesday, February 5th, Chita will release the video of her single "A la noche".



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