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equality factor: a young queen on the rise

last album: Teenage Lullabies

our favorite song: "I Wanna Be Alone With You"

music heroines: Lana del Rey

based in: Clearwater, Florida

With today's article, we dive headfirst into the sparkling world of Cloe Wilder, one of the youngest womxn ever to be featured on music is her passion. Our artist of the week also kicks off Women's History Month of March. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will explore five facets of equality empowerment within the music industry, the first week of March focusing on the topic of newcomers. Get to know singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder and other female-presenting artists that ring in a musical revolution with their work and vision!

ph by Nathan Groff

"If I've reached at least one person, I've done something right," says young Indie-Pop singer-songwriter CLOE WILDER. Her desire to make music came about almost three years ago while she was enjoying her first songwriting camp. from that moment on, Chloe understood the road that she wanted to walk. It was that time when In December 2018, she started her YouTube channel where she began to cover songs by Halsey, Billie Eilish, among other incredible artists.

Just one month ago, Cloe released her first solo EP "Teenage Lullabies". In a beautiful interview, we talked to the teenage artist - who is celebrating her 15th birthday today!

How do you define good music? What does making music mean to you?

If I've reached at least one person, I've done something right. One person has had their own lives and their own experiences, but your song still touched them. That's not easy. To me, making music means everything that's right with me. It's my favorite thing about myself and my favorite thing to do.

What inspires you when making music of your own?

People, life, death, and how I see all of it.

Which musicians have inspired and influenced you the most? Do you have any musical idols/heroines?

Lana Del Rey was the first artist I paid attention to. I loved everything about her. I had never been so interested in someone's art. She made me want to be an artist.

"I'm proud of all seven songs on my project."

ph by Nathan Groff

How did you feel making Teenage Lullabies?

I felt like a real person. I think it's what I've been trying to make this whole time.

The album talks about “a soundtrack to today’s youth”. What does it mean to you?

Exactly that, but for myself. That's why I love being an artist.

Do you have a favorite among your own songs? Why?

Sometimes, but not right now. I try not to think about it, especially being so proud of all seven songs on the project. There are some that mean more and some that I enjoy listening to more.

How do you usually start working on a new song?

I've gotten to a place where I can write about almost anything, so I write when I feel like it. I like to do mic passes, where I mumble melodies and lyrics. I listen back until I hear what I like. Typically, the concept comes out of that if I didn't have one already. Then, I pick apart the lyrics. I've learned from collaborators and simplified my process over time.

"I absolutely aim to inspire young girls and women. I hope that comes along with me being authentic because that's so important to me".

What kind of vision do you have for your work? Do you aim to inspire other young girls and womxn like you?

Music is up for interpretation. I could tell you exactly what it means to me, but it doesn't need to mean the same to you. I want people to take whatever they need from it. I absolutely aim to inspire young girls and women. I hope that comes along with me being authentic because that's so important to me.

What does equality mean to you?

Being in such a male-dominated industry, equality means everything. It's constantly hanging over our heads.

Does equality - or a lack thereof - influence your daily experience as an artist?

Lack thereof, for sure.

"Music has broken so many boundaries. I don't see a reason to stop there."


ph by Nathan Groff

In your opinion, do artists have a special responsibility to fight for equality and fairness in the industry and beyond?

I think so. Music has broken so many boundaries. I don't see a reason to stop there.

Why is female representation relevant in the music industry?

Because it hasn't happened yet.

Are there other women on your team? In the affirmative case, What is it like for you to work with other womxn?

Yes! Working with women in the industry makes me feel less crazy. We've all had similar experiences. It feels very familiar.

With bright young minds like Cloe Wilder setting the tone for the future of the music industry, we are feeling more hopeful than ever about the possibility of reaching a state of equality soon. Stay tuned to be introduced to more game-changers of the future later this week!



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