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Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

We are very happy to introduce you to this week’s artists of the week. Happy, because their music is the sonic version of happiness, joy, and a lot of desire to dance. This band’s music is without a doubt a mental journey through the great capitals of the Asian continent, a sound that delivers the dose of fun we all need at some point.

The electro-pop band Confidence Man was formed in the city of Melbourne, Australia by frontwoman Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Clarence McGuffie, and Reggie Goodchild. The project started out "by accident" - because although the musicians enjoyed composing together, they never took their work seriously or aimed to release it - until one day they realized that something giving them so much joy could also be a source of happiness for others.

"The music of Confidence Man is without a doubt a mental journey through the great capitals of the Asian continent"

Although the band consists of four members, only two have chosen to reveal their faces, the other two perform behind a veil. Initially, this came to be because the other members were simultaneously active in other bands and didn't want any Confidence Man to be stigmatized as a "side project". Over time, however, the band realized that the mysteriously covered-up look added to their overall stage presence during live gigs, and they decided to keep the mystery element.

The band debuted in 2016 with the irresistible single "Boyfriend (Repeat)" - we dare you to play it and try not to dance - however, their debut album was only served to dance-hungry listeners in 2018, along with an extended promotional tour in Europe, of which nearly all gigs were sold out.

"Their latest single "Does It Make You Feel Good?" refers to the disco music of the seventies but brought to the new century"

Their latest single "Does It Make You Feel Good?" released last November refers to the classic and beloved disco music of the seventies but brought to the new century, conveys that festive sound in the faithful style of Bee Gees, or Donna Summer. The song is accompanied by a video where the importance of the choreography is left within the image of the band.

Today, Confidence Man has established friendships with artists among the likes of U2 and Noel Gallagher, building up a network that contributed to their appearance as guest artists, opening Noel's show in the UK. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, Netherlands, and Paris are the next destinations for the band. We are looking forward to their return to Berlin.



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