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Today, two releases of the Berlin artist Leslie Clio are to see the light of day. Not only is her new single "Millionaire" released, but also the first video of a video series of the Urania Berlin called "Every Story Makes A Change", in which Leslie Clio tells her very personal story of sustainability.

But let's start with the music first: in "Millionaire", the likeable artist makes us understand that only love makes us millionaires and gives true riches - in a very straight-forward and danceable manner. If you ask Leslie Clio whether she would choose money or love in life, she answers with a counter question: "You could also ask: creativity or career?" she says, emphasizing, "The answer is always: creativity! Money and status and chart positions are not unimportant, but what counts even more is that quiet warm inner flame that always burns inside you and drives you, through which everything else only becomes possible."

"Stay true to yourself and listen to your inner voice!"

At all times, self-care is Leslie's top priority. As a hyped newcomer with chart placements, Echo nomination as best German artist and concerts in front of huge audiences, she knows what it's like to skyrocket instantly. Because of her quick rise to success, she also values time off, staying true to oneself and nurturing her inner flame. Before her last album, the singer sold all her belongings and emigrated to Hawaii, just to see what remains when you turn off the outside noise. The result was a very personal album, which she released on an indie label and which leaves much room for darkness. "You have to go through valleys in life to get to the next mountain."

Leslie is a great example of how empowered a female artist can act today. Because Leslie is a true jack of all trades. She writes, produces and has now also founded her own label "House of Clio". Today, her new tracks sound tidier, brighter, more direct but no less emotional.

Leslie Clio is an immensely diverse artist who inspires her fans in a very multi-faceted way. One aspect that we want to highlight here is her spirituality: It is a real pleasure to talk with Leslie and to philosophize about life. She sometimes feels a bit like a medium through which songs from the universe flow into the world, the singer tells us. Even "Millionaire" didn't arise out of a specific situation; the chorus just flew to her as a whole, as a gift from heaven, so to speak. "I think the sky is full of melodies. For them to come to you, you have to be receptive."

Every Story Makes A Change!

But Leslie is not only a great person to talk to about the meaning of life and the universe, but also about sustainability, nature, biodiversity and environmental protection because all these topics, too are very close to the artist's heart. Therefore, the video series "Every Story Makes A Change" could not have had a better first episode, kicking off with an empowering story of this exceptional artist.

The idea of "Every Story Makes A Change" is to create awareness through many small different stories and declarations of love for Berlin's ecological diversity. It aims to showcase that we can all make a big contribution to protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity.

Leslie's daily contribution to climate protection is her vegan diet, which she also regularly advocates on social media. Every vegan person living in Germany saves an average of two tons of greenhouse gases a year, according to recent calculations by Oxford University. Science confirms what Leslie preaches to her followers and fans: A vegan diet is the greatest lever for reducing one's own ecological footprint.

Photo credits by @fabzblack

Of course, animals are also very close to Leslie's heart, just like her West Highland White Terrier "Harper", who accompanies his mistress everywhere. Besides her love for animals, however, she also loves plants very much. "I'm actually team tree-hugging" she tells us in the interview. A very personal recommendation of Leslie's when it comes to the well-being - and especially the understanding of trees - is Peter Wohlleben. Wohlleben is a forester and author who runs his own forest academy and may be familiar to some from his Netflix documentary series, "The secret life of trees".

By the way Leslie Clio speaks lovingly of trees, parks, forests, and her plants at home, it quickly becomes clear that she really cares about them and perceives them as sentient beings that have their own unique personalities. In Leslie's eyes, they are a great enrichment to our planet and to us as humanity in every possible way.

We are proud to be interviewing artists like Leslie Clio in a context as close to our hearts as is sustainability. Additionally, we are proud to have two music is her passion society e.V. members be significantly involved in Urania's "Every Story Makes A Change" project. Fabian Walitschek is the initiator and producer of the project and co-founder Mia Heresch not only directs, but also conducts all the wonderful conversations with the personalities on environmental protection and her interview partners' own commitment to this cause. Therefore, we recommend you to not only listen to the new single "Millionaire" by Leslie Clio - but also think about the preservation of our planet as a habitat for us humans together with Leslie in "Every Story Makes A Change". Good music and acts of kindness for the environment go hand in hand with this artist. So, enjoy listening and start watching!

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music is her passion is the magazine of music is her passion society e.V.

Based in Berlin, music is her passion society e.V. is a non-profit association financed by membership fees, subsidies and donations. The content is the result of combined purely voluntary and passionate commitment of all contributors to equality empowerment in the music industry.

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