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equality factor: an audiovisual story about how to treat a woman: like the queen she is!

video producer: Andreea Dican

based in: Berlin, Germany

Today, the three badass women of Berlin-based post-glam doom band Birgit Jones release their long-awaited music video to their very first single "Fire". We are happy to present to you the exclusive premiere of this forbidden treat of a music video at music is her passion!

The band name of Birgit Jones - made up of the three talented musicians Nathalie, Rike, and Kristin - is not just a German twist on the name of Helen Fielding's ironically clumsy character of the "Bridget Jones Diary" novels. Instead, this name breathes life into the not flawless, yet empowered and self-determined sensual queen that inhabits every woman. Birgit Jones was born in 2019, when singer Rike, drummer Nathalie, and bassist Kristin, united their musical forces to tell stories of equality, empowerment, and a big fat female "fuck you!" to sexism. If she sounds like a colorful character, the truth is her wardrobe is as grim as the apocalypse, her soul as black as an ungodly frost. If she were a genre, she’d be Post-Glam Doom. We are happy to have her, and her three representatives as our artists of the week.

"She is a woman who has made her very own experiences and is willing to talk about them. She knows what she wants, loves herself, and wants to inspire others to follow suit."

Before we offer a more detailed glimpse into the brilliant minds behind this persona later this week, we want to let Birgit Jones speak for herself. Get ready for a hot treat, and enjoy the music video of her first single "Fire".

This hot and heavy music video was directed by videographer Andreea Dican, with whom the band shares a long history of artistic vision collaboration. Moreover, the chemistry between the captivating cast of the "Fire" video is also based on a mutual vision, friendship, and empowerment. The clip owes its prestigious performance to hula hoop artist and fire dancer Dunja K, who often graces the stage of Birgit Jones' live shows. Make-up artist Sofia Lehmann puts a face to Birgit's name in this video, exuding pure female excellence, and drawing in her secret admirer Chance Bair - singer and bassist of Heavy Heavy.

Throughout the song, Birgit Jones expresses how she wants to be treated as a woman: like absolute royalty ("Serve me, I am your queen"). The video clip enhances her female power from the perspective of a male admirer.

"Instead of reducing his beloved to her beautiful exterior, he also bows down to Birgit's talents and strengths", Kristin explains.

If you have already developed a taste for Birgit Jones' badass bass riffs, bad-to-the-bones beats, and ferociously fiery vocals, do not worry: this Wednesday, we'll serve you a foxy interview that will leave you hungry for more. Stay tuned!



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