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From the moment she came into the world, Katie Schecter knew that music would be what would accompany her for the rest of her days, almost like a shadow. Nevertheless, it was also music that brought immeasurable amounts of light into her life, illuminating the path in front of her. Today, Native New Yorker Katie Schecter marries effortlessly cool vintage clothing to heartfelt authentic artistry.

Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash

Native New Yorker Katie Schecter grew up in a house where music played a big part in her family routine. She learned about the world through melodies, sounds, songs, even though the aesthetics of the artists she admired. Music always played a key factor in her education. Still, it was not until she was 19 that she realized that making music could really become a "profession" to which she would dedicate herself day and night.

The creativity found throughout her composing efforts is triggered primarily through art. Drawing, writing, reading, and watching movies are her biggest inspirations. They do not only help her to create but also help her in releasing tension and pressure. Her greatest ally in these moments are her diaries: Katie describes them as the birthplace of all her songs. Just like music, she does not remember moments in her life without her diaries.

Her diaries are written proof of her composing efforts, manifesting her musical career since day one.

Although she is a great admirer of fashion, her diaries are the objects she would take with her if she could only rescue one thing from her home. To Katie, diaries are the books that represent her musical career from its inception, and they also document her composting efforts in all stages. "What am I gonna do, baby blue" - that would be the name of her first chapter. It is also the name of the first song she wrote, the song that changed her life forever. It marks the beginning of the journey that brought her to her recent release "Every Single Time", a song with a sound that takes us back to great artists of the sixties and seventies, accompanied by a video inspired by the perfect style of these times, especially for the images on super 8 film, including wonderful vintage outfits. The video is the signifier of a new era for Katie's sound. Here, the New York native is hitting her musical stride with a sound and aesthetic entirely her own.

"He pushes me to be a better artist and outdo myself".

Katie about Nick Bockrath

Among the group of musicians who have been part of this song are bandmate and husband Nick Bockrath, lead guitarist of the American band Cage The Elephant. The dedication, passion, and commitment they both have for music make them an empowered couple that has much in common. Nick's artistic support and confidence in Katie, and the musical inspiration they both provide for each other, have helped her find the sound she has longed for, reaffirming that a loving relationship can work out professionally as well.

Katie found her bold clothing style through her love for vintage. When she walks down the street, she is not just another person passing by her fresh, feminine style, combined with the empowering style of her mostly vintage clothes, effortlessly adds to the wow-factor of this beautiful artist. Her collection of vintage fashion from times long past is impressive. She wears her vintage clothes not only privately, but also on stage. She loves to spend her time on flea markets, and if necessary she will have a piece adjusted to her size. Furthermore, her apartment in Nashville is also home to very stylish vintage furniture. Through her vintage style, she is a great inspiration also in terms of sustainability for us, because vintage and second-hand fashion is still the most sustainable form of fashion consumption.

With a blast from the past and a unique sound of her own, Katie Schecter found the perfect musical middle ground between nostalgia and innovation. We find her empowering for her approach to sustainability and her faith in herself, following her instincts without denying the helping hand of someone who inspires her.



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