Updated: Feb 10

Today, Hamburg-born multilingual singer, rapper and songwriter Nessi released her latest banger with a bold message: "Schein ist Betrug", produced by Dutch dance beat expert Jan van der Toorn. The song is packed with unapologetic lyrics mocking and criticizing fake social media standards - and a boss lady attitude.

From prolific features with renowned German rappers (Prinz Pi, Kool Savas) to Coca Cola advertisement tunes and opening shows for international stars like Zaz, Haim and Mando Diao, Vanessa Schulz aka Nessi has claimed her spot in the European music scene long ago. Now, after the 2019 success of "Deine Mutter" featuring Kool Savas, Nessi makes a return to the German charts in her mother tongue.

"Ich weiß, dass echte Kunst keinen Hype braucht, darum mach' ich nur mein Ding!"

"Schein ist Betrug" throws punchlines and points a manicured finger at social media culture, and its self-flaunting protagonists. Having witnessed influencers and social media starlets climb to the top of the music industry, Nessi shows no mercy to those aiming high with the help of bought clicks and inauthentic work. Instead of falling for quick fame, the singer stays true to herself and relies on her musical craft instead. Clean cut like her bangs, straightforward, and memorable - that is Nessi's return to the German music scene.

In a world of perfectly edited music videos, TikToks and Instagram posts, real faces, stories and hard work are rare. Beauty filters distort natural faces into a blur of Bambi eyes and button noses. Social media and video productions are close to distorting the world view of an entire generation. Role models often come from social media timelines, depicting unrealistic goals far from the real world. Nessi is here to break through the screens with unfiltered raw artistic integrity. With a danceable beat and recognizable lyrics from German 90s band Die Prinzen ("Alles nur geklaut"), "Schein ist Betrug" brings a feisty feminist electro sound, along the lines of fellow power women M.I.A and Santigold.

With her message and unfiltered attitude, we are excited to follow Nessi's rise to the top of the German charts. Our tip: listen to "Schein ist Betrug" this New Music Friday while unfollowing toxic social media ideals and filtering fakeness from your real-life and timeline.