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Super Bowl "L" 2016 / ph vía Instagram @beyonce

For decades, and all over the world, music and sport have shared the power to unify people through the feeling of passion - and this is what the Super Bowl does, too. In this, an article you can read all about the marvelous womxn in music who have shaped the National Football League championship's biggest game so far, and get an impression of the past and current equality factor of the multi-million dollar media event.

The Super Bowl unites the whole world for one evening like no other event.

Frankly, in direct comparison to any World Cup, for which an entire nation unites by supporting its team or delegate when it comes to the Super Bowl, the number of people interested in the game itself is much lower - that is, if you are not an American citizen. However, for 12 minutes, the aspect that attracts millions of spectators around the globe is defined by a moment merging music and sport: the legendary halftime show.  

2020 marks the first time in the event's 54-year history that the amount of female presence defines the musical aspect within the final of the NFL (National Football League), the most important discipline of the American sports landscape (along with the NBA). Tonight, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, before the 54th Super Bowl begins, Demi Lovato will open the event by performing the American national anthem.

This year marks the first time in NFL history that two female Latin artists become the main stars of this show.

Shakira & JLO press conference Super Bowl 2020/ ph vía Instagram @NFL

But without a doubt, not only in the stadium but also among the millions of viewers around the world, the most anticipated performance is that of the halftime show - presented by superstar ladies JLO and Shakira. It is the first time in NFL history that two female Latin artists take the stage at its spectacular stadium show. This historical achievement is undoubtedly a milestone on the road towards equality empowerment and diversity. For millions of Latin Americans and womxn of all backgrounds worldwide, the presence of two Latin icons headlining at the legendary part-time show is a momentous occasion, representing equality and diversity.

Ella Fitzgerald Super Bowl 1972

At the beginning of this tournament's glamorous history in the late '60s, the Super Bowl halftime show was mostly entertained by local college bands, but between the '70s and '90s, renowned artists like The Rolling Stones, U2, or Paul McCartney became more famous stars of the show. Among the performing women were artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Labelle, Irma Thomas, and many more, who in their respective presentations, usually shared the stage with male artists or university bands. Nevertheless, there were some female artists who left their mark on the emblem of this otherwise 100% male show for some specific reasons:

Gloria Estefan was the first woman to perform twice at Super Bowl halftime (1992 and 1999)


The Cuban-American singer performed at the XXVI final in 1992, captivating the crowds with her show, not knowing that seven years later (1999) she would perform again on the super bowl stages (alongside Stevie Wonder). She became the first woman to perform twice at the halftime show. It is rumored that Jay-Z (founder of Roc Nation, the label that produces this year's halftime show) asked Estefan to grace the stage for the third time, but she refused. 


Turned the XXX finale of 1996 into a historical day, making her the first womxn to headline the halftime show in a solo format. 



Almost two decades after Gloria Estefan's performances, "Queen B" was the second one to achieve two halftime show performances. After performing solo in 2013, in a show that reunited her former girl group Destiny's Child, featuring an all-female cast of dancers and musicians, she again headlined the show in 2016, this time accompanied by Coldplay and Bruno Mars.


Like Diana in 1996, 21 years later, Gaga became the second womxn to perform the halftime show completely alone, without any guests.


V 1971:  Ella Fitzgerald – Carol Channing a.o

XV 1981: Helene O’Connell a.o

XXIV 1990: Irma Thomas a.o

XXVI  1992: Gloria Estefan a.o

XXVIII  1994: Tanya Tucker – Wynonna Judd a.o

XXIV 1995: Patti LeBelle  a.o

XXX 1996: Diana Ross 

XXXII 1998: Queen Latifah a.o

XXXIII 1999: Gloria Estefan a.o

XXXIV 2000: Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton a.o

XXXV 2001: Britney Spears, Mary J Bilge a.o

XXXVII 2003: Shania Twain, No doubt, a.o

XXXVIII 2004: Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson, a.o

XLV 2011: The Black Eyed Peas a.o

XLVI 2012: Madonna,  Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. a.o

XLVII 2013: Beyonce with Destiny’s Child 

XLIX 2015: Katy Perry, Missy Elliot a.o

L 2016:  Beyonce ft Coldpöay y Bruno Mars

LI 2017: Lady Gaga 

LIV 2020: JLO, Shakira

However, 2020 will not only mark an important point for womxn in the history of the halftime show of the Super Bowl. This year, Katie Sowers (assistant coach of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the teams playing in the final) will become the first womxn to participate as part of a team's coaching staff within the Super Bowl. In addition to being the first womxn to be a member of a coaching staff and the second assistant coach in history, she is also the first openly LGBTQI+ assistant coach in the League.



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