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As the most wonderful time of the year approaches rapidly, music lovers and sustainability enthusiasts like us are on the hunt for the perfect present as much as anyone else. However, it can be difficult to find a thoughtful gift for that special someone that is unique, appealing - and leaves a positive impact on our planet - especially with the current COVID-19 restrictions that have us gravitating even more to online shopping. But don't you worry: we got you covered! In this article, we present to you our favorite sustainable and guilt-free online shops for conscious and sustainable Christmas shopping.

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

Need a perfect present for the ultimate beauty queen or king in your life? Surprise the person who seems to know all the brands and has all the products with skincare products and cosmetics that are pretty for the face and behind the scenes. Among NATURALOU's wide range of products, you'll find solid shampoos, sustainable toothbrushes, and recycled household utensils of many conscious brands that have united forces to reduce product and packaging waste. Over at female-founded sustainable company &friends makeup addicts will find reusable and waste-free product removing sets, and via fans of big brands will encounter slightly flawed products among the likes of WELEDA that were given a second chance. For all things sustainability in your house, check out GOOD BUY, an online warehouse that will cover all your green needs.

Photo via Instagram @sassyspud


We promise fabulously fair finds for the vegan fashionista that strives to spread hummus not hate over at the web store of sustainable Irish brand Sassy Spud. For the outspoken feminists and equality ambassadors that like to wear their heart - or tits - on their sleeves, Amsterdam-based artist of South African origin Kim designs just the right cheeky apparel for her brand Eat Mielies. Those fashion enthusiasts searching for more subtle sustainable clothes will find true treasures at Eyd Clothing, a brand that emphasizes and empowers people behind the clothes, rather than following in the footsteps of fast fashion brands. Viennese female-founded Dariadéh and the female-founded fashion brand The Slow Label emphasize the beauty of diversity and sustainability in their empowering collections. Finally, eco-conscious UK fashion brand Nobody's Child makes pretty dresses for the holiday season from leftover fabrics of the big fashion industry brands. Bonus tip: check out their tips on environment-friendly garment aftercare!


Finally, we wouldn't be music is her passion if we did not also add a few music-centred gift recommendations to this gift guide, aka our Christmas shopping list! First of all, try to support second-hand record shops and small artists that pay attention to the production of their physical album copies and merch. For instance, check out your favorite indie artist's Bandcamp to score some musical merch and secure a musician's livelihood during the holidays. Moreover, for those that want to make someone's musical dreams come true, we recommend a sustainable investment in a Martin Guitar. A trailblazer in the green revolution of the music industry, this company raises the bar in regard to instrument production. Interested in the brand's journey to sustainability? Find out all about its coming-of-age story as one of the most important game-changers of the music industry in our article on Martin Guitars!

L.A.-based guitarist Angela Petrilli playing a Martin Guitar. Photo via Instagram @martinguitar

“Protecting the environment and all of its precious resources has been at the forefront of my family’s business since its inception.”

Chris Martin, Chairman & CEO


We all have someone close to us who loves music and to whom we can give a gift - like the ones you can find at TMom Merch: Shirts, hoodies, stickers, patches, and buttons produced by small companies in Berlin. The textiles are all made from 100% organic cotton, vegan, and sustainable, the colors are water-based and eco-certified. Since March this year, Ines Bartl runs her own sustainable online merchandising store with TMom Merch, one in which she offers products from bands like Bad Cop/Bad Cop (of whom she is tour- and merch manager), as well as selected pieces from other punk bands. The store was created as a Corona help to compensate for the financial loss, however, it became clear relatively quickly that this wonderful online store will continue to exist beyond the pandemic period.

We hope that among these largely female-founded, empowering, and sustainable brands, you were able to find the perfect fit for your favorite fellow equality ambassadors. Let these gifts not only bring joy to those who receive them - but also to the visionaries behind the brand who are grateful for your support on their mission of making a positive impact.

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