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equality factor: the sometimes sad honesty in Tank's lyrics are balanced with the support of his colleagues when composing

last album: Green Ballon

our favorite song: Nice Things

based in: New Orleans

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

Tank and the Bangas is a band formed in 2011 in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans. 

Is a group where jazz meets hip-hop, soul meets rock, and funk is the beating heart of everything they do, many of their melodies have those flashes of nostalgia for all that Jazz music means to their city. The Rollercoasters song is a clear example of this. The group is made up of 4 artists, fronted by singer and poet Tarriona but sometimes swells to as many as 12 performers on stage.

"Many of their melodies have those flashes of nostalgia for all that Jazz music means to their city, New Orleans"

In the year 2016, they won the battle of the bands of the famous Afropunk Brooklyn festival for which they performed a 15-minute set. Three years later they came back but this time as the already consecrated band and delighted the public of New York with a complete set. 

In 2017 by unanimous decision, the band was the winner of the "Tiny Desk" Concert Competition, organized by National Public Radio, an American media organization that produces programming for a national network. This victory was not insignificant considering that 6,000 people performed.

The contest substantially boosted the national profile of the New Orleans group. 

Since then, the wildly creative band has been on the rise. The following year they performed at the festival Coachella.

"In 2017, the band was the winner of the "Tiny Desk" Concert Competition"

Green Balloon album cover

They have two studio albums, "Thinktank" (released in 2013), and Green Balloon (released in 2019). This last one was made in cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles, London, and Florida. Tank is the lead lyricist of the band, and she describes the songs of "Green Balloon" songs as honest, like an It’s a self-reflective diary, a mixture of fun and joy, but also a catharsis while dealing with a complicated ex-boyfriend. In an interview, she said: “I had a lot of moments on this album where it would get difficult and I would call in reinforcements, like my band members. Whenever I was in a tough spot I’d call on the guys.” 

Today, Green Balloon is in the list of the nominees for the Best New Artist category for the 2020 Grammy Awards.



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