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equality factor: dealing with equality empowerment in a huge variety of aspects

producer: Johnny Carry and Fat Mike (NOFX)

based in: San Pedro, Los Angeles

label: Fat Wreck Chords

The American all-girl punk band Bad Cop / Bad Cop releases its third studio album "The Ride". With this album, the band has created a masterpiece that meets the current zeitgeist in many ways. Considering that the album was created some time ago, it has a very visionary character, often reflecting upon our society today, but at the same time reminding us that in the end, everything can still be good if we love and accept ourselves.

We had the pleasure to talk with singer and guitarist Jennie Cotterill and bassist Linh Lee about their brand new record, the current situation in the United States, and feminism in music.

This through and through empowering band manages to stay positive and inspiring no matter how big the challenge it's facing.

The day that our interview is scheduled the „black lives matter“ protests in the US are on a peak. Media knows only one topic so the common awareness for racial equality couldn’t be at a higher level. The public image of aggressive white policemen is on an all-time low. Regarding everything that is happening in the United States, even the name of the band Bad Cop / Bad Cop seems to be very visionary - but is at the same time causing the band some troubles. As Jennie reports us, due to their name the Instagram account of the band got temporarily locked.

from left to right: Linh Lee, Stacy Dee, Jennie Cotterill, Myra Gallarza

Self-love and acceptance are the two overall topics that this wonderful record revolves around thematically. Positive vibes are the core of the record, and can be heard in every detail of the recording. It is giving us the strength and power to move forward even in tough times like these.

But even in hard times, this band manages to stay positive, due to a constant conversation that they have in the band. „The Ride“ contains a lot of reflections about life and uplifting aspects of it.

“I am not a victim of what happens to me, I’d rather dwell in possibility.” This is one quote taken by the song "Choose" perfectly describes the concept of leaving the victim role. "Community" is showing to us equality empowerment is historically at an all-time-high, and "Breastless" is dealing with the breast cancer that singer and guitarist Stacy Dee was fighting with successfully.

„It’s also inspiring to see that people are becoming more awake.“ - Linh Lee

As the whole album is filled to the brim with self-love and acceptance, the band is now reflecting on the powerfully positive aspects of the current „Black Lives Matter“-movement, because now, many people are raising their voices for positive change who would not have said anything before. As Jennie summarizes it: „There is always room for evolution". Jennie also supposes that the global movement would perhaps not have gained the attention it has if everybody did not already have a global shift of paradigms from the pandemic.

„It’s not coming apart, things just needed to change. The way we have done things as a planet and as a nation and as people treating other people needed to change. One thing moving moves another.“ explains Jennie. With these mindful thoughts, we are not wondering anymore that „The Ride“ is released on Juneteenth. The day that is dedicated to commemorate the liberation of African-American slaves in the United States. Juneteenth has a special symbolic power this year because remembering liberation falls into a new time of awakening. This new era of consciousness is something that Bad Cop / Bad Cop's work deals with on a variety of levels. Lots of them can be found on their current record, taking us back to the visionary spirit of the band.

ph: Nick Ricks

„You will never understand what it feels like to be in their skin, but listening to their stories and hearing it from their perspectives and seeing what it could be like… Would you want to be treated that way? Absolutely not. So why would you be OK with it for them being treated that way?“, Linh says about the black lives matter movement. The closer you listen to the lyrics of the current album of the three girls from California, the more you realize how many facets of equality the record deals with.

„We are just saying that everyone should be treated equally.“

Today, it is especially important to listen to an album like „The Ride“ with a depth of content, political demands, and an overall reflection concerning an international improvement of the world that we are living in today. „There is room for people to change and to learn and to improve. When we lose empathy, we lose compassion towards other people.“, Linh remarks. She talks about immigration in her songs, and the idea that someone from another country is somehow not being treated equally. When she grew up in a suburban town and was one of five Asian kids and among them, she was the only one who was not adopted. In the song “Pursuit of Liberty”, the band's bassist talks about what it means to have been born as a child of Vietnamese refugees. The band doesn't point the finger at a certain person, but addresses the problem to "you" like in "Certain Kind Of Monster".

Bad Cop / Bad Cop are declaring themselves as anti-capitalists and feminists and they do this with pride and joy. And of course, equality empowerment is a topic that is very close to their hearts. The video to "Simple Girl" is a perfect example of how they value and support their female crowd. With many girls featured in the video, the four musicians are working together. In their professional life, they care a lot about women's empowerment and have therefore a very equality-empowered and empowering team surrounding them.

We couldn't be more thrilled about this band full of girl power and urge you: listen to this faceted album of female empowerment!

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