Updated: Feb 10

We love to introduce our own new video channel. music is her passion society e.V. is the multimedia magazine that wants to strengthen the role of womxn in music and promote more equality. Whether on or behind the stage, stories are told about strong womxn who believe in their dreams and go their own way. In the future, we will not only tell you these inspiring and empowering stories in our articles on our magazine and in our social media channels, but also pack them into videos.

In our teaser, you will find many of the artists from different genres of music and womxn behind the scenes with whom we had the pleasure of working throughout this year, and who will be part of this first session through our different video formats such as diversity portraits, empowering interviews, equality reports, among others. We set a high value on being as diverse as possible and want to reflect this in our videos.

It really makes us very happy to bring this important part of music is her passion to life. The idea for our initiative originally started with a documentary. Our founder Mia, who is a director, soon realized that the theme of equality empowerment in music is far too broad and big to be put into a single film. Now we deliver all the wonderful stories that music life has to offer and who knows, when we have collected enough of them, one day we will have the "music is her passion movie".

Many thanks to the wonderful womxn in this video:

Nessi, SKALA, Antifuchs, Ildiko Virag, TMom Merchandise