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equality factor: She created essays that help to understand African-American history, its development, and its current context.

feature parts: Tayler The Creator, Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, Steve Lacy, a.o

producer: Solange, Panda Bear. Pharrell, Dev Hynes, Chassol, Earl Sweatshirt, a.o

label: Columbia

origin: Houston, Tx

"When I Get Home" album cover

This is Solange Knowles' fourth studio album, a purely emotional album, each piece representing the complex inner world of within Solange’s head. It's an album within which she has decided to prioritize the sonority and aesthetics above the message.

Solange constructs images inspired by her memories, shows her influences, and fills the album with references to the values of the community among which she grew up in Houston. The Texan city that, as a trigger for everything, plays a key role in linking the artist's past, present, and future. 

Solange Knowles produced from start to finish an album that teaches, helps and spreads awareness about issues affecting the African-American.

In this way, she manages to give life to feelings related to the passage of time, and she has decided to express them through melodies. It is, therefore, her most experimental album to date, more personal and intimate-sounding than all her previous works. The album features collaborations in both production and recording of artists such as Tyler The Creator, Steve Lacy, Gucci Mane, Cassie, Pharrel, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and many more.

In Almeda, behind the production of Pharrell and John Kirby, it's seen Solange, and Playboi Carti celebrate all of the traits and characteristics that are associated with black people. 

According to Solange, almost all the songs on the album were recorded in one take. From a single chord or voice, she built each of the songs, looking for a perfectly imperfect sense of instinctive improvisation. This is perfectly manifested in "My Skin My Logo", in which she lets out a few laughs. Throughout its 19 songs, the album takes the listener through various musical genres, adapted to Solange's own terrain. Some examples can be enjoyed in songs like "Sound Of Rain", a song that is a collaborative work of Solange and John Carroll Kirby working the synthesizers. The two artists work the electronic sounds referring directly to the new age. In "Binz" she plays with another, contrasting genre: reggae. 

Solange is confident in expressing her basic principles, her values and the messages she wants to convey with her art. "When I Get Home" is an album that translates feelings into music; it's an album that provides a sense of freedom; it's an album that is faithful to that psychedelic spirit that so characterizes Solange, while still showing surprising elements in each song.

Accompanying the album, Solange released a film that was inspired in part by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The film was released at several locations in Houston for members of the black community, including her mother's old hair salon.

"The film is an exploration of origins and raises the question of how much of ourselves we bring with us and what we leave behind in our development." Solange tells us.

In the film, you can see Solange as the protagonist behind a very sophisticated choreography, sports cars, scenes of a rodeo, most of its aspects are dedicated to the history of Houston. While the song "Sound of Rain" is playing, there is a surreal, animated original artwork by Satterwhite. The 41-minute film published on all platforms includes an unreleased track entitled "Dreams (Demo 2)".



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