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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

To celebrate International Women's Day 2021, music is her passion society e.V. goes back to basics. In today's article, our passionate team of equality ambassadors reiterates why we do what we do, where we hope to be with equality empowerment in 2022 - and which femme-powering anthems we recommend to you to celebrate your womanhood on this special day.

Photo by Lucia on Unsplash

Sigrid Renner, PR and Community Manager

I want to give people a voice through our society, to be heard and supported by everyone. For Women's Day 2022 I hope that the women's quota is finally introduced everywhere. Festivals with more than 50% womxn on stage. I hope for fairly paid wages. My empowerment anthem of the day is Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl". Why? Listen to it!

Mia Heresch, Moderator and board member of music is her passion society e.V.

For me, music is a universal language spoken by all people regardless of their culture, origin, skin color, religion, and sexual identity. It is the mirror of our society and as such it holds up to us in the most beautiful way that may still change so that we can live together in an equal world.

"Through music is her passion, I want to show people how they can create more equality through their cultural consumption."

I would like to see us move more quickly towards an equal society and for all people - even those who are not affected by inequality - to recognize that men and womxn still do not have the same opportunities in many respects. The Equal Pay Day is this year in Germany already 7 days before the Equal Pay Day of the previous year, we are on a good way, nevertheless, there is still much air upward, which concerns complete gender equality in all regions of the planet.

My empowerment anthem of the day would be Keke - “Ladies”. This song is a shoutout to all womxn, for me, it is pure equality empowerment. Just because of this lyric line: "You know the girls who put themselves in danger for what they do and don't stop standing up for themselves every day of their lives".

Ksenia Ryklin, board member of music is her passion society e.V.

Music is a universal language. Therefore, it makes sense to use it to point out social issues and challenges and motivate people to fight for change. Music is her passion society e.V. strives to empower equality in music and beyond, supporting and highlighting the work of all artists using their voices and platforms to empower equality.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we honor women’s rights movements since Rosa Luxemburg. With music is her passion society e.V., we work towards a society in which women do not need a special holiday anymore to be heard.

Rebecca Onkelbach, Editor and Content Manager

I think music plays an immense role in finding one’s identity and expressing oneself. Everyone has some precious memories related to music or identifies with the lyrics and feeling of a song, an album, or an artists’ work. Because music is so powerful, it is fundamental that anyone and everyone in the world can turn to music and find someone or something they identify with - not just straight cisgender white people. If the music industry created equal opportunities for anyone, celebrating uniqueness without a disadvantage, our society would be filled with more confident and proud people who are not afraid to celebrate what makes them different. Representation matters!

"I want to see an improved representation of diversity in Spotify's top artist list, among GRAMMY winners, and in the charts."

I hope that next year, major music resources show more “equal” representation of womxn, queers, and BIPOC. I want to see an improved representation of diversity in Spotify's top artist list, among GRAMMY winners, and in the charts. Would be nice to show some less depressing statistics in my future articles!

This year, my Women’s Day anthem is “Invitation” by Ashnikko. It’s a rage-filled rap banger inspired by a woman’s anger towards being sexualized and subject to the male gaze. If it were a little bit warmer in March, I would also be “dolled up like a dolly, short skirt, lil' hottie” and tell men “don't you comment on my body”. Some women’s day anthems are uplifting, some are full of sass and anger - this is one of the second kind!

Let us know what motivates you to keep fighting for equality on a daily. What are your favorite empowerment anthems, and where do you hope to be next year on International Women's Day? We can't wait to hear from you and make the music world a little bit more femme-tastic.

music is her passion is the magazine of music is her passion society e.V. The Berlin-based music is her passion society e.V. is a non-profit association supported by membership fees, subsidies, and donations. All the content you can see here is the result of the purely voluntary and passionate commitment of all members to equality empowerment in music.

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