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Music is her passion … because for her music is a means of expression, liberation, a fundamental right, and for her personally music is a very big part of her life

female music heroins Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, Mine 

based in ….. Stuttgart, Germany

Tabea Booz is the best example of how cosmopolitan German music can sound today. Skillfully she defines her sound, which is at home in the wide world of pop, self-confidently and at the same time very soulful. With analogue synthesizers and a heavenly sounding voice that presents us with aptly honest self-written lyrics, Tabea Booz's songs are not only very catchy, but also cheerful, sensual and soulful.

Tabea was always aware that she wanted to dedicate her life to music.

Music was literally in the cradle of the 29-year-old from Stuttgart: she grew up in a thoroughly musical family, at the age of three she already had a violin in her hands, piano and singing lessons followed, later she studied music. She was always aware that she wanted to dedicate her life to music. 

After completing her studies, Tabea lived in India, but it was a coincidence that she did so: "It was more of a coincidence that led me there. I met Premjit Dutta, my later drummer from Calcutta, in Berlin at the Pop Culture Festival and I told him that I was planning a longer trip. At that time the first stop of this journey happened to be India (...) Premjit then invited me to join him and his band in Calcutta, we gave a concert together and that was the beginning..."

picture: Matthias Wallot

The beginning of her career as a professional musician, because in India Tabea played jazz, pop and soul music with her newly won band colleagues. Along the way she developed a love for traditional Indian music, which has remained until today and is perhaps even responsible for the cosmopolitan sound of her music. Her time in India was marked by magical moments, such as a jam session in the "Piano Man Jazz Bar" in Delhi, songwriting on the roof of a house in Calcutta and family celebrations in the Saree.

Her heart energy can be heard in every element.

When Tabea came back to Germany in 2017, a new musical chapter began for her. "Within the first year here, I processed the many inspirations, searched for new sounds for myself and got to know my band colleagues. The first recordings for the EP took place in November 2018. The year 2019 was then completely under the motto Ep release. So there is a lot of energy and heart and soul in it." And this heart energy can be heard in every element of their debut EP "Zwischen Bunt und Gold". In an enchanting way, she deals with interpersonal issues as well as coping with the past and the future. The songs, cleverly staged between jazz and soul, not only bring a varied freshness to our playlists, but also let the topic of sustainability flash up again and again in her lyrics.

"You rarely see women behind the scenes." Tabea tells us

However, Tabea is not only interested in sustainability, but also equality in music. Like many other musicians, she does not yet feel that the gender balance in her working environment is balanced. "Unfortunately, it is still the case that the role relationships, both on stage and backstage, are very "classically" distributed. You very rarely see women, for example as sound or lighting engineers. Female instrumentalists are also still rather rare. I would like to see a balance in that respect soon.

picture: Daniela Reske

As a one women show, Tabea Booz is a great example of an empowered woman, who goes on new and above all own musical ways. Her biggest challenge in everyday life is to keep the balance between creative and administrative work. In Women Empowerment she sees a wonderful movement of the last two years. "For me it means that especially we women support each other instead of seeing ourselves as competitors. A good example is the group "Raketerei" just for female musicians, which has supported me incredibly well this year and helped me to progress.

With so much positive and energetic energy as Tabea shows on her EP, in interviews and on tour, nothing stands in the way of a great career. Her songs sound loving, self-confident and humorous and you just can't get enough of them.

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